Jonathan Carter


I have been racing dinghies...see more

Martyn Hawkins

Vice Commodore / Principal Training Officer

I learned to sail at around ag...see more

Chris Milner

Hon. Secretary

Peter Sutton

Hon. Treasurer

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Caroline Webb

Hon. Sailing Secretary

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Celia Tobin

Hon. Membership Secretary

Liam Dowling

Committee Member

Paul Hills

Committee Member (Bar Secretary)

I have only been in the club f...see more

Caroline Smethers

Committee Member

My first visit to RSC was at a...see more

Amy Francis

Committee Member

...see more

Steve Forrester

Committee Member

I've been sailing around 2 ...see more

David Hurst

Committee Member

RSC Committee

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The Committee

Is made up of volunteer members of the club. It is surprising how much work it takes to keep the club running and without the committee things would soon grind to a halt!

If you have any questions about the club a committee member is a great person to ask, you'll find contact details for each committee member in their detail section.

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