Launch and Lunch is probably the best way for club members to spend some time on a Friday.

How it works


Train with us

Just come down to the the club on a Friday morning when there's a session running and you can have a sail between 10am and 12pm

Launch and Lunch is for sailors of all abilities to sail together, have fun, practice sailing skills and offer support to each other.

The sessions are very relaxed so are perfect for gaining the confidence needed to get out on the water.

From late April to October we hope to run Launch and Lunch weekly - these dates will appear in the calendar so please just double check there.

The Lunch bit?

Bring something with you to share (sandwiches or crisps or grapes or biscuits - whatever floats your boat!) so that after sailing you can sit down to enjoy lunch and conversation with your clubmates.

You'll find dates of up to 6 sessions planned for 2023 in the light blue bar on this page and all of them in the club calendar.


Tina organises and runs the Launch and Lunch sessions, if you need to know more please contact her.

The Latest action

Friday 17th March 2023

"All good things come to those who wait"

Two ladies in the Laser 2000 and a chap in the Aero arrived today for Launch and Lunch. The weather wasn't completely on our side with a bit of drizzle and soft winds but that didn't stop any of us getting our boats rigged and ready for a morning sail.

Ellen and I spent a fair amount of time at the beginning rigging the spinnaker for the 2k but frustratingly found that the top of the spinnaker head kept twisting when gybing on land before sailing. Quite possibly something I was doing wrong - I'll see if I can get someone to take a look next time.

Sadly we had to abandon the spinnaker but, undeterred launched the boat with a bit of help from a couple of chaps working in the shed.

Ellen took the helm and off we went into the flat calm! But wait! Wasn't this St Patrick's Day? Maybe a kindly Leprechaun might send us some wonderful wind, so we waited patiently and just like the good advert says for that lovely Irish brew : 'All good things come to those who wait' and sure enough, the gods came good and wind was sent and ours and the Aero's sails filled and we whooshed along the lake, tacking and gybing and thanking the gods for their gift.

Back on shore we enjoyed a warming soup and homemade bread with the chaps who are working hard on our lovely club house.

The weather is getting a bit warmer, spring is just around the corner so come along for our next session on the 28th April and join in the fun.


Some photos