We hope you’ll join us for our Sunday Lunch

We’re serving them up on Sundays throughout February from around 13:00

Hot Lunches

It’s the perfect chance to have something warm and sustaining while sailing weather is that bit colder. Of course, if you simply plan to sit in the bar it will make the perfect accompaniment to your drink.

How do you get a lunch?

Usually you can just sign up and pay on the day BUT if you intend to bring a group please give us a bit of notice for your booking...

There will be one meat based dish available each week and will include possible options over the month of shepherd’s pie, lasagne, pizza, steak and kidney pie etc., some vegetables and a piece of French bread and butter.

There’s also a vegetarian option available, don’t forget to indicate on the sign up sheet if you want to choose that.

Please let Liam Dowling know in advance via email if there’s a group of you requiring lunch, we can then make sure we have enough grub.

There will be a sign-up sheet and payment tin in the galley so put your name down for the lunch as soon as you can as this will really help the galley to prepare.

Lunch will served up between the first and second race.

It only costs £2.50 What great value!

Sunday Lunch

Forthcoming Menus:

Sunday Lunch

You can also sign up by email