Fees and membership items

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Type Description
FullFull Membership is available to those who have passed their 18th birthday
JuniorJunior Membership is available to those under the age of 18
FamilyFamily membership is available to two adults eligible for full membership and those under the age of 18 and students who are eligible for student membership living at the same address.
SocialOne adult using the club generally on a social basis
StudentStudent Membership is available to anyone who is over 18 and under 25 years of and is in full time education for a minimum of 30 weeks per annum
Boat storage (first boat)The fee for keeping one dinghy at RSC
Boat storage (second and subsequent boats)Cost for each additional dinghy kept at RSC
Road TrailerCharge made only if trailer is not kept under the boat


It’s easy to join us. You can do it securely by using this form powered by PayPal. Our membership categories and prices are shown here and there should be one to suit you

If you don’t have a PayPal account you can safely use your bank or credit card when you check out

Please note that, to comply with Licensing Laws, your application has to approved by our committee. You are not allowed to use the facilities of the club as a member until TWO whole days after the day on which you apply. You can still come to the club during this period as the guest of a member though.

Please don’t forget to complete a paper application form and get it to our membership secretary as soon as you can..

The paperwork

Our Rules

Please make sure that you have had a read of the rules as, by paying, you're acknowledging you've understood them and agree to abide by them.


Are actually quite fun, will always be something you can do and are a great way to meet your clubmates and integrate into the life of the club - getting members to do these duties also helps us keep our fees down.

Please note that you're agreeing to do around 3 of these a year by joining us.

Working Parties

Working Parties are part of Club life and help to keep running costs down.

Members are expected to attend at least two of these during the course of the year or make arrangements to help on their own at other times.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Hon. Membership Secretary, Celia Tobin.

Here’s her email.