Fancy coming to the club for a great night out?
Then join us for our Fitting Out Supper

on Saturday 17th March from 18:00

You can sign up now, so just do it (click the Add to Cart button for the item you want and adjust the number of tickets you need in the PayPal Cart)...

Type Description
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Fitting Out Supper Non-vegetarian ticket for oneThis gets you a normal meal and a great night out10.00
Fitting Out Supper Vegetarian ticket for oneThis gets you an ovo-lacto vegetarian meal and a great night out10.00

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The picture of the poster will have told you this but you can also sign up by:

Contacting Sue Davies
  • by phone:
    07831 401749
  • or
  • email


Give her the cash

Pay by BACS (details on the poster!)

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Don't forget!!!

Sign up as soon as you can so we can have the pleasure of your company

If you're signing up in the old fashioned way to tell us how many places you want and if you have any strange diets